HACO SyncView

HACO SyncView
HACO SyncViewHACO SyncViewHACO SyncViewHACO SyncView


  • 8” display
  • fast, automated positioning to the correct tool location
  • 3D and multi-touch interface
  • automated wireless charging

SyncView’s advantages:

Time-savings & efficiency

The operator no longer has to look at a fixed 3D image on the screen – sometimes meters away from him – this way, time is no longer wasted when bending (complex) parts. With this innovation– in which the 3D image of the bending steps is always right in front of the user – he can understand and carry out the steps quicker during the bending sequence. In addition, the 3D images on the screen can be rotated, without the operator having to leave the work position. This enables an even better and faster evaluation of complex pieces than is possible from a single perspective. User tests indicate time-savings of up to 25% during the actual bending process.

Ergonomics & physical comfort

The operator no longer has to constantly keep turning his head between the screen and the place where the workpiece must be positioned. Eliminating repetitive torsional movements of the neck and torso reduces long-term health risks. Now, the operator can look in the same direction at both the screen and the workpiece, which simply requires eye movement – producing a more pleasant, natural and comfortable interaction.

Safety & user-friendliness

What’s more, should something go wrong, the operator now sees it more quickly. This is a safety benefit particularly when positioning the piece. The operator is no longer occupied either with the screen or with the workpiece. The workflow becomes one, so to speak – enabling the operator to focus 200% on the bending process itself.

  • Warranty: 1 Year.

Specifications are subject to change without notice.