HACO Pressmaster

HACO Pressmaster
HACO PressmasterHACO PressmasterHACO PressmasterHACO PressmasterHACO Pressmaster


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The Pressmaster is a more-axes CNC press brake with electronically controlled beam parallelism and depth-stop setting.

The combination of our 2D/3D-graphic CNC control with automatic generation of the bending program, our backgauge system and the increased daylight opening makes the PRESSMASTER the most versatile press brake on the market.


SyncView was invented from the notion that it would be ideal to be able to watch both screen and the workpiece simultaneously during the bending process. This innovative solution consists of a tablet screen that is automatically positioned at the optimal location: where the piece is actually being worked on by the operator.

Standard Equipment:

  • FastBEND-2D Premium Graphic Control with 15” Touch Screen
  • Increased daylight opening (up to 620 mm and 2500 kN models)
  • Fast X-R-Z1/Z2 Backgauge
  • Fast Approach Speed 200 mm/s (models up to 2000kN)
  • Fast Return Speed 170 mm/s (models up to 2000kN)
  • Stroke X-axis = 800mm, speed = 1000mm/s (models up to 4m and 2500kN)
  • Stroke R-axis = 130mm (models up to 4m and 2500kN)
  • Z1-Z2 axis , speed = 1000mm/s (models up to 4m and 2500kN)
  • Manual Adjustable Crowning Table for European Standard tooling
  • 2 Movable sheet supports
  • European Standard toptooling with Quick Manual Clamping arrangement


  • HacoBend-2D/3D Offline Software
  • 5 and 6 axes backgauge systems
  • Angle Measurement System ALFA/F and AST (= Angle Sensor Tool)
  • New Standard tooling (Wila / Wila Premium / LED Tool indicator)
  • CNC sheet following system
  • Optical Guarding systems (Lazersafe LZS-005, Fiessler AKAS III, …)
  • SyncView
  • Warranty: 1 Year.
  • Delivery: Ask Salesperson.

Specifications are subject to change without notice.