HACO Euromaster S

HACO Euromaster S
HACO Euromaster SHACO Euromaster SHACO Euromaster SHACO Euromaster SHACO Euromaster SHACO Euromaster S


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The EUROMASTER S is a High-End Synchro Pressbrake which features excellent bending angle precision. It is a more-axes CNC press brake with electronically controlled beam parallelism and depth-stop setting.

Our 2D/3D graphic CNC controls with automatic bending sequence calculation, back gauge systems, tooling choice and safety equipment make the EUROMASTER S press brake the most complete offer in the market.

Standard Equipment:

  • FastBEND-2D Premium Graphic Control with 15” Touch Screen
  • Fast X/R backgauge on ball screws
  • Fast Approach Speed 200mm/s (models up to 2000kN)
  • Stroke X-axis = 800mm, speed = 1000mm/s (models up to 4m and 2500kN)
  • Stroke R-axis = 130mm (models up to 4m and 2500kN)
  • European Standard top tooling with Quick Manual Clamping arrangement
  • Manual Adjustable Crowning Table for European
  • Standard tooling
  • HacoBend-2D Offline Software
  • More-axes backgauge systems : X-R-Z/Z’, X-R-Z1/Z2, X3
  • Increased Daylight Opening (+170mm) and Stroke (+170mm)
  • New Standard tooling (Wila)
  • Movable Sheet Supports
  • Optical Guarding systems (DSP, Lazersafe, Fiessler, …)
  • Warranty: 1 Year.
  • Delivery: Ask Salesperson.

Specifications are subject to change without notice.