Providing you with Metal Machinery Solutions. That’s what we do.

Our focus at ECCO Machinery™ is to provide you with solutions that will help run your business successfully.

How it works: You tell us what you need and we suggest a machine that will do it. Simple right? So simple that if you give us a call now or drop us a line and let us know what you need we will provide you with a solution, and a quote on the machine to do it!

Question: Sometimes you provide the machine sale amount in US Dollars and not CDN Dollars, why?

Most factories we deal with deal in USD Dollars. Being that the currency exchange rates have been all over the map, if we provide you with a price in CDN Dollars we would have to change the quote amount every time it changes. However, if we have the machine in stock, you will get a price in CDN Dollars.

Start Bending:


  • (MAX BEND 3.5 X .315)
  • 136″ LENGTH
  • 14 HP
  • 480V
  • 3 PHASE
  • 15′ X 48″ X 4.5′ H
  • 7,800 LBS

Sale Price: $39,500.00 CDN FUNDS

Stock #: 9210100516



TENNSMITH SBS 12614 CNC Power Folder

  • Bending Capacity (Mild Steel): 14ga / 2,0mm
  • Bending Capacity (Stainless): 16ga / 1,6mm
  • Bending Legth: 126 in / 3200mm
  • Machine Length: 180 in / 4572mm
  • Shipping Weight: 9,885 lbs

Sale Price: $108,500.00 CDN FUNDS

Stock #: M30156

Tennsmith LMS126-14 Powered Shear

  • Shearing Capacity, Mild Steel: 14 gauge/2,0mm
  •  Shearing Capacity, Stainless Steel: 18 gauge/1,25mm
  • Cutting Length: 127 in/3225mm
  • Back gauge Range: 30 in/762mm
  • Floor Space: 145 x 60 x 55-1/2 in
  • Weight: 6200 lbs

Sale Price: $36,500.00 CDN FUNDS

Stock #: M31047


Question: I can get the same machine for less elsewhere, why would I choose to spend more?

Our machines are priced competitively. Our focus is to build long term relationships with our customers providing you with a fair pricing structure. There are dealers, however, that only care about the initial sale so they give you “amazing deals” with no follow-up. We will always provide the service and supply the parts you need to keep your machines running smoothly. We want your business for the long run and we will be there to provide you with the support you and your machine needs should you require it. We guarantee it!


ECCO/MVD HGM 4008 Hydraulic Shear

  • Cutting Lenght: 157.48”
  • Capacity, Mild Steel: 8mm
  • Capacity, Stainless Steel: 3/16
  • Motor Power: 30 hp
  • Aprox. Weight: 29,000 Lbs
  • Electrics: 220/440 Volt, 3 phase

Sale Price: $59,500.00 CDN FUNDS

Stock #: W210001172


Question: I found a similar machine online for less. Why should I buy it from you for more?

There will be instances where you can find machines elsewhere on the internet. Keep in mind that sometimes looks can be deceiving. Most internet dealers will show you a price online but they conveniently leave out that freight, brokerage, Electrical Approval and Currency Exchange are not included. The worst case scenario is that the they can claim the machine is running perfectly but on delivery it’s not. Who do you go to then? Before you buy anything online or commit to buy anything online, give us a call and request a quote. We will be glad to assist you in finding the right machine for you. We will ship it to you and will inspect it upon arrival so all you have to do is plug-and-play.



  • Round (R)(L) at:
    • 90°: 13 in.
    • 45° : 12.4 in.
    • 60°: 8.5 in.
  • Rectangular (R)(L) at:
    • 90°: 12.5 x 19 in.
    • 90°: 10 × 20 in.
    • 45°: 12.4 x 12.4 in.
    • 60°: 7.6 x 12.4 in.
  • Blade Size: 1.3 x .043 x 16.5 in.
  • Dimensions: 91 x 41.7 x 59 in.
  • Net Weight: 850 kg.

Sale Price: $13,500.00 CDN FUNDS

Stock #: M70326



ECCO/ACL WA67Y 12 Ft. Torsion Sync Press Brake

  • Model 160/4100D (12 Foot Bed –  180 Ton)
  • NOMINAL PRESSURE: 1600 (Kn) – 180 (US Tons)
  • Length: 4200 (mm) – 165 (inch)
  • Width: 1720 (mm) – 68 (inch)
  • Height: 1720 (mm) – 68 (inch)
  • Weight: 11200 (Kg) – 24,692 (Lbs)

Sale Price: $69,500.00 CDN FUNDS

Stock #: M2015


** Machines in stock, subject to prior sale.