New CNC Knee Mill from Milltronics

New VK Series

  • For many years, Milltronics offered the VK Series of CNC knee mills
  • Very popular in tool rooms, prototype, R & D and job shops as offered with true 3-axis control and unique MillSlide Z axis
  • Milltronics installed more than 1,500 CNC knee mills by the time production was suspended in 2013
  • Now pleased to announce the VK is back – with more than two dozen improvements at about the same price
  • Features the Milltronics Series 8200-B control

VK Series = Flexibility

  • Full three-axis 8200-B CNC control (same as on VMC’s)
  • Conversational, G-code or CAM system
  • Yaskawa servos and drives
  • Unique Milltronics MillSlide provides greater rigidity and more spindle nose to table top
  • Can be run as full CNC, semi-CNC (manual quill) or full manual
  • Head tilts +/- 90 degrees
  • Ram travel +/- 11.5” (from centerline)
  • Ram swivels +/- 90 degrees
  • Standard handwheels are directly coupled to ballscrews and provide feedback to operator

Milltronics VK Series Announcement – June 1, 2017 or Download PDF for more information.