Shear Blades Flipping

Need your shear blades flipped?

Cutting with dull blades will greatly affect the quality of your product and put more stress on your machine, making it wear-out more quickly.

We understand that flipping or changing your shear blades can be a hassle. Let us come out and do the job for you so you can concentrate on what really matters. As a complimentary service we will do a full inspection of your shear and let you know if there’s anything else that needs to addressed in the future.

Why is it important to flip and/or change your blades regularly?

  • Eliminate Burr
  • Save Time
  • Eliminate Material Waste
  • Prolong Machine lifetime

A sharper blade means quicker cuts and better end-product all around!


Did you know that most shear blades could have 2 or 4 edges on the top blade and 4 edges on the bottom blade? Depending on the manufacturers specifications, shear blades can have as many as 4 edges. If you have a blade with no edges left we can send them to be re-sharpened.


Most shear blades depending on their condition can be re-sharpened to improve cutting quality.

There are two options when it comes to blade re-sharpening:

Option 1) You can ship the blades to us, we will get them re-sharpened and ship them back to you. Usually takes 1 week to re-sharpen blades.

Option 2) We will come to your facility, remove the blades for you, take the blades off-site to get them re-sharpened. After about 1 week, we will return with sharpened blades, re-install them and adjust the gap as per manufacturers recommendations.


There are a lot of steps in getting your shear blades set-up for optimum cutting performance. Failure to adjust the gap of your shear blades and hold downs can result in permanent damage to your blades and even the shear itself.

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