Equipment Appraisal

Professional Equipment Appraisals.

  1. Do you need to know the value of your equipment and machinery to secure new loans?
  2. Are you becoming more “asset minded” due to cash flow and economic times?
  3. Is it time to liquidate the assets of your business?

Guessing at equipment values is not the best way to approach machinery appraisals.  At ECCO Machinery we deliver an independent and comprehensive appraisal report that withstands scrutiny because it is based on comparable and market research.

Cost of an Appraisal

The cost of a machinery & equipment appraisal varies depending on the number of items needed to be appraised. After we have an initial conversation and receive a detailed equipment list, we will be able to provide a quote for the appraisal. An appraisal report will be sent to you both in electronic and printed formats.

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