Welcome to the ECCO Lease Program, your online source for “Lease to Own Financing”. ECCO Lease Program – a simple, convenient and fast way to leverage the power of lease financing.

Why Lease?

Benefits of the ECCO Lease Program

The wise use of lease financing is the cornerstone of growth for most enterprises. Why should leasing be considered as a financing solution for acquiring equipment?

Tax Management:

  • The ECCO Lease Program can provide the ability to write the fixed lease payments off as a business expense and may reduce the amount of tax payable.
  • If assets are acquired through Cash Flow or Finance Loan then CCA allowances will apply therefore, resulting in a longer depreciation period.

Asset Management:

  • The ECCO Lease Program will provide the opportunity to rollover equipment during or at the end of the lease term in order to keep equipment current, and therefore, systems and people productive.
  • The ECCO Lease Program will be a better tool for the business asset management policy – there are four options at the end of the lease term:
    • Return the equipment and upgrade to new equipment;
    • Trade up the equipment, at any time during the lease or at the end of the lease term;
    • Buyout the equipment and obtain additional equipment;
    • Monthly renewal.

Cash Flow Management:

  • The ECCO Lease Program has Fixed Monthly Lease Payments to Conserve Cash Flow dollars today to reinvest back into the business and generate profits from the revenue.
  • The ECCO Lease Program provides 100% Financing – just first and last payment in advance.

Soft cost Allowances:

  • Each lease can include Soft cost component, such as – Asset Extended Warranty and Maintenance, Software and Consulting, Training and Development, Installation and Delivery, Customs/Brokerage and Duty Fees, etc.

About National Leasing

National Leasing provides sound financial solutions to businesses across Canada. They are a leader in commercial equipment leasing and are recognized as one of the largest Canadian lessors in small to mid-ticket transactions. Backed by professional service and an outstanding reputation, National Leasing is fast to respond, easy to work with and committed to meeting the needs of ECCO’s customers.

ECCO dedicated National Leasing Account Manager:

Candice Dowhaniuk – 1-877-363-4223 –

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