ECCO Machinery Trade-In, Consignment and Purchasing of Used Equipment Policy

As a premier machinery dealer in Western Canada, our goal is to sell quality and reliable metal machinery to our customers. When it comes to used/pre-owned machinery our policy is to complete an assessment of the machinery prior to accepting it as a consignment item or purchasing it for our inventory.

Bottom line is, the machine has to pass our Quality Control before we even touch it!

The process is very simple, we charge a $150.00 Inspection Fee to send one of our technicians to do a thorough inspection on your used equipment.

At the end of the inspection you get a report* and we feel confident that we are protecting our investment and the best interest of ours customers.

Benefits to ECCO Machinery’s customers:

  • Provides a fair assessment of the value of the equipment.
  • Provides us with proper specifications, photos, cosmetic requirements, and mechanical repairs needed to make the machine a sellable item
  • Prevents ECCO Machinery from losing credibility with our existing customers due to possible issues with an used equipment

Benefits to the Seller:

  • A detailed report on the condition of the used equipment will be provided*
  • Report will state what needs to be repaired (if necessary)
  • In some cases, the inspection might raise the price of the machine

*Reports come from the office within 3 business days by email.

While we understand that the business of used machinery can be competitive, our assessed value of your equipment might be lower than you expect because it reflects possible reconditioning, repairs, transportation, and/or commissions required to sell the equipment.

Thanks for your interest in doing business with ECCO Machinery.

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